Rev. Kolby Golliher

Golliher k
Pastor Kolby graduated with a Master of Divinity from Duke Divinity School in May 2022. He is a Florida native, having spent his childhood in Okeechobee, his youth/teenage years in the small beach town of Sebastian, and his college years at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.
He and his wife, Hannah, have been married for five years. She is in the Biomedical Sciences PhD program at the University of Florida with a focus in genetics.  Go Gators!  They have an adorable Goldendoodle puppy who loves hiking and playing fetch.  His name is Karl Bark, after the great 20th century Swiss theologian Karl Barth. They also have two adorable kittens, Marie and Rosie, named after the brilliant scientists Marie Curie and Rosalind Franklin.
Kolby has been serving in various ministerial leadership capacities ever since God called him to preach his first sermon his senior year of high school.  He is especially interested in collaboration and missions -- discerning together where the Holy Spirit is moving in our midst. Kolby has a passion for making disciples of Jesus who make disciples; for discovering and implementing new and ancient spiritual practices that help people to connect to God, themselves, and one another; for working to end racism wherever it exists; and for helping churches build thriving new relationships with increasingly diverse neighborhoods.

Office Administrator Terri Manche

Manche terri
Terri, a native of Maine, joined WUMC in January 2017.  She is the wife of Mark Manche, who has done work around the church for several years.  Terri's calm and competent demeanor fits perfectly in the church office, which can sometimes be pretty hectic.

Pianist and Organist

Tran maggie
Maggie Tran was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and raised in sunny Saint Petersburg, Florida. She is starting her jumior year at the University of Florida, majoring in piano and organ studies. When she’s not playing music, she loves to garden and practice weightlifting.

Audio/Visual Specialist Linda Nosko

Nosko linda yaxley
Linda grew up in this church, attending with her parents since 1962, and becoming a member in her own right in 1966. Linda has worked for many years in our audio booth in the sanctuary, managing the sound system and preparing the slideshows you see throughout each service, as well as for any special events needing the sound system. She’s the proud mother of Misty, and even prouder grandmother to Jade Marie and TJ.  Jade Marie can often be seen helping out in the sound booth on Sunday mornings. In her ‘spare’ time Linda manages a family-owned business here in Gainesville.

Audio/Visual Specialist Darryl Davis-Schulz

Schulz darryl davis
Darryl has been with this church family since he was about 12, joining with his adoptive family. He has become an amazing man, active in so many Wesley activities.  He has attended Santa Fe Community College, and occasionally preaches a sermon and serves as a lay reader.
Darryl became interested in the A/V portion of the weekly service, and quickly became proficient with the equipment.
This fine young man has been active in church activities since he joined, and it would not surprise any of us to see him leading from a pulpit one day!

Custodian William Strawder

Strawder william
William has worked for the church for about 38 years, keeping the campus clean and ready for whatever comes along. He is an excellent role model to youths and young men in the community as they come to help him around our church. He is not only teaching them what it takes to clean the buildings, but what it takes to be an upstanding member of the community!

Choir Director James Arnett

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Jim retired in 2017, and promptly felt the need to continue sharing his love of Christ by working with a church music program.  He has a passion for small or middle-sized churches where everyone counts and its place in the community is vital.  While he was trained in the traditional styles of the church chorale, he is of an age to have grown up through the genesis and development of praise-style music, which he also enjoys.

He received his Master of Divinity from the Asbury Theological Seminary and over the last 27 years has served many Florida churches in their music programs.  He comes to Wesley with his wife, Carmen, who is  a retired United Methodist minister.  Watch for interesting developments from this dynamic duo!